Thursday, April 19, 2018

I Think I Love Roller Derby Girls The Most

 Photographer Steven Chou

Fridays With The Furies


Facebook Comment To Remind Some Hillbilly Of Some Harsh Truth

This is such crap. Costumes are crap, story is crap. Characters are deriviative crap. Crap crap crap. The guy with the arrows is called SHAFT. Wow. Dynamic and original.

Oh, look at me repeating myself again. It's Spider-Man with guns. How original again. Nothing Liefeld created here is remotely related to the movie character you all enjoy today. Just read this book again and feel shame like you should if you ever believed it was good. We all felt like that ONCE. No shame is liking the gutter at one time, boys. But tis a terrible sin to want to stay there.


The Color Of The Day Is Crimson




But Dad...

"What if I use the money to buy weed and just apply myself and put in some effort around the Junior High School. I am am sure to get laid that way."

They actually call it Slag Street?
Isn't that were I met your Momma?
Sometimes I work Blue and offend everyone.

I Find Her Support For My Accomplishments To Be Seductive

Click to see her joy.

The Best Of Times


Tumblr Girls This Week