Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday Image Blizzard


A Toy For Our Times

"Despite the millions of dollars his daddy gave him to make him feel bigly, Bitchy Rich knew deep down inside that he was just a small, small man that would never have any friends."


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fight On Sister Girl


Great Action Picture Of The Day

Jason Statham, Ian McShane? That is the good stuff. Well made goofiness but very entertaining.

That Is An Scurrilous Accusation

And how did you figure it out?

I Think She Is Trying To Seduce Me


I Have Decided To Watch Deadwood

After  years of hearing about how good it is I need to watch it.
I am a huge Ian and Timothy fan.

The Good Old Days Weren't Always Good

When American children were issued dog tags.In 1952 the city of New York bought and issued 2.5 million dog tags to children from kindergarten to fourth grade, soon San Francisco,Seattle, Las Vegas and Philadelphia followed.The tags were to identify the bodies in case of a nuclear attack, tattooing the children was also considered.


Random Riddle