Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Think She Is Trying To Seduce Me


Oskar Vega’s Teen Titans

So where is ROBIN?

Tumblr Girls This Week


Don't I Suffer Enough?

Do I need to know this information?
I hate this time of year after Halloween.
What kind of maniac reminds me of something like this? Why don't you predict the exact moment I collapse in bitter sadness while you are at it while reading me the story of the Little Match Girl like I don't get the point every year. All I have is sweet, sweet Krampus to give me any joy.

Hey, I Get These

It's hard for anti-depressant users to wean themselves off their prescriptions, not only for emotional reasons but also because the body tends to develop a dependency on the pills, resulting in withdrawal symptoms. One of the strangest and most disturbing side effects of anti-depressant withdrawal is known as "brain zaps," which are pretty much exactly what they sound like — the feeling of an electrical shock running through your head. While the sensation won't cause any long lasting damage, it can be painful and is often more mentally disturbing than it is physically bothersome.

This is why you take your meds daily because the 'zaps' are not fun.

When I Drink I Only Drink With Casual Tink


Proof That I Worked In A Bavarian Salt Mine As A Child


Fantastic Masters Of The Universe Action Figure Photography


I can totally see why people would love this line of figures. They really are nice action figures with tons of play value. And if you want wacky character design you don't have to look any further than Masters of the Universe. I so love that movie too. Frank Langella chewed the HELL out of that scenery. Where the hell is that guy's Oscar?