Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Trailer For Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Sounds like this one will have another good soundtrack with the SECOND best song that Sweet ever did and I like the appearance of Mantis and of course Baby Groot.

Mantis was trained by the Priests of Pama to become a grandmistress of the martial arts, demonstrated as fully capable of defeating opponents as skilled as Captain America (while he was distracted in fighting a dragon). She could also instinctively sense weak points in an opponent and with her skills in pressure points, knocks out beings as powerful as the thunder god Thor. She has only lost in hand to hand martial arts match to Moondragon, and her father Libra.

She has attained a mastery of meditational disciplines giving her an unusual amount of control over her body, including autonomic functions like heartbeat, bleeding, and breathing, as well as awareness of pain, allowing her to more quickly heal injuries through sheer force of will, and affording almost superhuman reflexes and reactions. She also had psychic empathy, a telepathic power that allowed her to sense the emotions of others.

Mantis gained additional abilities as a result of communion with the Prime Cotati. Her empathic ability enabled her to communicate with the plant-like Cotati and with plant life. To travel in space, Mantis had the ability to separate her physical and astral forms, projecting her consciousness from her body, allowing her to travel interplanetary distances. She also had the ability to transfer her astral form to any place where plant life exists. She could form and inhabit a plant like simulacrum of her human body for herself out of the destination planet's local vegetation. Her fighting skills remained intact, and her empathic abilities were heightened to a superhuman degree and extended to the planet’s flora and biosphere. She could control the vegetation within her vicinity.

During her confrontations with a powerful Thanos clone, she displayed superhuman strength, a talent to simultaneously inhabit multiple simulacra, and the ability to project strong blasts of energy, but has not been seen using these powers since.

As of her appearance in Annihilation Conquest: Star-Lord, Mantis also appears to have gained telepathic and precognitive abilities, and apparently now labors under a constant awareness of future events. The source of these new powers is as yet unclear. Other powers displayed or referred to during the series were pyrokinesis, mid-range mentat training, and invisibility to the Phalanx.

A Daily Show Classic


This poor pretty blonde girl is angry at everyone and everything. Isn't she the most cuddly thing in the whole world? So hateful and full of venom. I just don't want her to own small pets. I am not afraid she would abuse them. I am worried she would eat them.

DC Collectibles Icons - BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE!

I have had this one on pre-order for a year now. The best Christmas gifts are the one's you buy yourself.



I started watching this one and boy am I glad I did. I wanted to sing the songs and be a part of the adventure the moment I saw it. It's a beautiful piece of business with everyone giving their best to tell an inspirations story about finding your place and keeping honored traditions in your own way.

It plays like a Broadway musical and a broad buddy comedy at the same time. Great animal characters (who don't TALK). The dumb chicken is the best. He was responsible for the biggest laugh out loud moment that I know I will laugh at years from now when I have seen this movie five more times. It follows the same old Disney formula. It doesn't need to be more than that. You don't need to fix what isn't broken. I could have taken more story and no music just like Zootopia which is why I put Zootopia higher on my list of favorite movies from 2016.

Our heroine is very appealing and can hold her own with any Disney princess that has come before her. Her strength and bravery saves the day and she does it HER way. The world needs more girls like Moana.

Yeh, I know, I totally bought this corporate mythmaking because once again a lot of cooks DIDN'T spoil the soup. The film is thrilling and visually spectacular for a musical

Dwayne Johnson was born to play Maui because he is Maui. It's great to see all the personalities quirks that Johnson is able to give this character to flesh him out into one of the most memorable of all Disney heroes. He does the heroic and the comedic in perfect proportions. He has no unexpressed thoughts in his head and an ego that won't quit. The living tattoos that cover Maui's body and help tell the story are a nice touch.

Auli'i Cravalho is excellent as our title heroine. She is just a newcomer but she gives her character a three dimension depth that I totally bought into and wanted to watch her succeed. Her and Johnson have some nice onscreen chemistry, again, something hard to do in animation but it is key to Moana's success as a movie. I was invested in the story and thrilled by the whole adventure. The crab song falls flat but I enjoyed most of the other tunes.

See the movie for Sharkhead alone.
You'll know him when you see him.

Morning Captions


Project Runway

There is nowhere to hide on Project Runway. Everything has to be made and judged in 24 hours. You do your design and roll the dice. I love that I am always surprised and impressed. Getting close to fashion week and as much as I hate the fashion INDUSTRY I have deep love for Fashion Week and how the show followed the designers from start to finish. Plus it has Heidi Klum who is the one German who can convince me to enter Poland with my entire army regardless of the consequences. Damn her Aryan genetics. I can't forget Tim Gunn. He is teacher, mentor and all around loving human being. I admire his talent, his honesty and his frearlessness. As my Dad would say - "That guy is the real deal."


Justice League Action Intro

The show is made for the younger set but it moves fast and the characters are always great to see together. I wish DC could get their live action movie division in order like their animated division is.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Netflix Does It Again

Netflix has just released the trailer for their original sci-fi action film Spectral and this flick looks freakin' rad! The film is set in the future of a war-torn European city, and it follows a team of soldiers who come together to defend the city from an otherworldly ghostly-type alien force. The movie definitely looks like it will be a blast to watch.

How do you fight ghostly creatures? They must hum at a certain frequency and if we can find that frequency we can create a device that delivers a killer blow by using sound which can also bring back the dead soldiers. Too hacky?

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